Monday, July 06, 2009

Post its from this weekend

As the sunlight bleeds into darkness, and the sunrise announces a new morning, it is hard to tell what day it is, especially over a holiday long weekend.

I took up residence unexpectedly on Friday morning at the Diner on 4th ave and was in a sketchy sort of mood. Sitting near the window is one of my favorite places to draw people as they wait for the light to change. Some don't wait and end up risking their lives J-walking. tsk. tsk.

This sketch of my friend Josh was from the Zombie Hut on Smith street. Yes, the drink was blue. I had one as well. Very tasty.

This may have been another night, not too sure, but Zartosht, Josh, Shirin and I were at the Whiskey Bar. I used a slight wash of Jim Beam White for this one, at 6 dollars for 2 ounces, I should have stuck with the 4 dollar Crown Royal.


Will said...

I need to visit NY sometime.

Phil said...

you sure do, I have a futon you can crash on if you need.