Friday, June 26, 2009

comic panel

So I thought I'd share my very first comic panel. I have 6 more to do, hopefully by next monday I'll post them up to
any critiques are more than welcome in terms of inking/layout, ect... the story is a short one ,a back story introducing one of the characters.


Will said...

I like this man. How have you been?

JWebber said...

Look forward to see the other 6 panels. No critiques, from me. Good job.

justin said...

hey brother,
Thanks for dropping by. It's been a while. I will trade you a sketch any day. Just choose one and let me know which. I wish could meet you at Canal for a beer.

Phil said...

thanks eh! and happy belated canada day to everyone... I'll keep the panels a coming, and post them up to the new blog.

craig wilson said...

Lookin' great, man.