Monday, August 25, 2008


some recent sketchbook drawings dating back to June. The guy in the middle was visiting from Boston and seemed pretty excited to be on the subway crossing the bridge because he wouldn't stop talking about it to his friends. I learned a lot about the differences between the Boston subway system and the MTA in those 10 mins between Atlantic and Canal street. The lady on the bottom right was having a rough day, she was swaying back and forth trying to light her cigarette. If I wasn't afraid of getting into a possible altercation I would have helped her, but I figured the safest thing to do was observe from a safe distance. The two people above her probably didn't know one another but I decided to tilt the woman's head a bit to the right, now it seems they're another happy couple having breakfast! O-righty then, thanks for checking in, and remember, napkins are for more than spills!

Friday, August 22, 2008

drawings from the rooftop

In the lifelong quest to come up with some nice sketches, these are compositional studies done on my rooftop two weeks ago atop a pink lawn chair that was found in the trash last year sometime.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Napkins saved from Laundry. Dollar bill wasn't so lucky.

Ahhh, to clean one's room! The many things you find, receipts from months ago, one in particular for sixty-five dollars and seventy-one cents. I can still remember that afternoon, sketching the roller skaters in Central Park and the dancers as well. Zartosht, Bryan and I then headed to the upper West side in search of a beer. We found that, along with some BBQ. I drew our lovely waitress on the menu, which doubled also as our tablecloth. She asked if she could have it and I obliged. Thus I cannot show you that lovely drawing, rather, these napkin and beer coaster sketches I found while cleaning my room -;) (Just in case my Mom reads this.)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Waffles and Sketchbooks

Have you ever eaten waffles for dinner? Well, I just did, then I scanned in this page of my sketchbook. The girl on the top left caught me drawing her but didn't mind at all. I was probably fuelling her "I need attention" tank. Time for a nap!