Thursday, July 30, 2009

A night on Smith Street, Bartenders on Napkins

So It's official, Z and I will be displaying some of our latest bartender drawings, on napkins, of course.
We wanted to celebrate the good times we've had over the last couple of years bar hopping and bar sketching.
We'll kick it off in a couple of weeks at the Crooked Tail Cafe in beautiful Gowanus, Brooklyn.
I'll be supplying some wine but feel free to bring whatever you like, we'll hit the canal bar afterwards.

the details:

Who: Bar Napkin artists Zartosht Soltani and Phil Lockerby
What: Bartenders on napkins from Sample, Zombie Hut, Boat, The Bell House, Canal Bar, Great Lakes,the Gate and many more.
Where: Crooked Tail Cafe, 272 3rd ave, corner president street in Brooklyn. R train to Union or F/G to smith and Carroll
When: Friday, Aug. 14th 2009 from 7-10
Why: why not? don't you like to party?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drawings from the Gate

These two people seemed to like their drawings. Apparently I "nailed the breasts" in the one, and the other I would say bears a resemblance to the bartender at the Gate on 5th ave.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sunday's Napkins

On Sunday, Josh, Greg and I were out at the Brooklyn Yard, next to the Carrol st. bridge. After that we headed up the street to the Gowanus Yacht Club, were I sketched these. I gave some drawings away as usual, and kept some for myself, after all, I'm not really that nice.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prospect Park Drum Circle

On Sunday morning I decided to drag myself out of Futon and into the park. It had been a few weeks since I headed out with nothing but a sketchbook in hand and a positive attitude. After a couple of years running past the African drum circle in Prospect Park, I had finally arrived there to sketch. I filled my belly with a fish sandwich and sat down in a prime spot facing the circle. The beats of the drums kept me going, I must have drawn for at least 2 hours non stop. These are a few sketches, and with a free drumming track off of the net, it's as if you were there, well, without the fish sandwich, but I just saved you 5 dollars.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life Drawing at the BAG

As running laps in Prospect park is to the marathon runner, drawing from the nude model is to most artists, especially ones who work in the animation industry. Not all however. I have met a couple of extremely talented people who work in L.A. as supervising animators on blockbuster movies who can't life draw, or rather, just won't. They don't need to, they're just that good. For me, life drawing is more than just learning how to capture a mood or tell a story in as few lines as possible. For 3 hours I'm surrounded by people who are all there to draw, the energy in the room is a very positive one and most importantly no one can bother me with text messengers or phone calls. Sometimes I feel that I should draw from the model all day, every day.
Monday nights from 7-10 at the Brooklyn Artists Gym is where you'll find me, although, I'll be busy drawing.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Napkin Show Promo

I still need to confirm the date but I'll post it up as soon as I know for certain.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Save the napkins!

So there's a good chance that Zartosht and I will be displaying some napkin drawings either late in July or early August at the Crooked Tail Cafe on 3rd Ave. I'll post up the details once they become finalized. The show is tentatively called "A night out on Smith Street"
These I found while emptying my pockets before I threw my jeans in the washing machine- not too sure about the two top ones but the bottom one was a sketch from Union Hall- a hipster girl playing Bocce.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Post its from this weekend

As the sunlight bleeds into darkness, and the sunrise announces a new morning, it is hard to tell what day it is, especially over a holiday long weekend.

I took up residence unexpectedly on Friday morning at the Diner on 4th ave and was in a sketchy sort of mood. Sitting near the window is one of my favorite places to draw people as they wait for the light to change. Some don't wait and end up risking their lives J-walking. tsk. tsk.

This sketch of my friend Josh was from the Zombie Hut on Smith street. Yes, the drink was blue. I had one as well. Very tasty.

This may have been another night, not too sure, but Zartosht, Josh, Shirin and I were at the Whiskey Bar. I used a slight wash of Jim Beam White for this one, at 6 dollars for 2 ounces, I should have stuck with the 4 dollar Crown Royal.