Tuesday, December 08, 2009

ruff stick man/leaf animation

Just a couple of scenes for a short short film- all done on post it note pads. I hesitate to even call it a film but there is a little hint of a story here. I just missed flipping paper that's why I chose to embark on this little project for myself- trust me, staying up until 4 am every night scanning these little guys in is starting to wear me down. It takes longer to scan everything in and composite it than it does to animate these- but there's really no other way to share them.

Friday, December 04, 2009

R train drawing

Riding the N/R train home late last Saturday from the Draw-a-thon,I sketched this woman while she was sleeping. There was a religious fanatic rambling about loudly. I ignored him but a few words crept into my consciousness. Words like "women","alcohol" and "Jesus". I thought that drawing him would require too much effort, especially if we were to make eye contact. Rather, I pretended I was asleep, hopped off the train at Union Street and headed straight for Canal Bar.