Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Travels

This sketch kicked off a day of waiting around all day at Laguardia airport this summer waiting for an open seat that would take me to Saskatoon, then home for a few days. I won't miss standing around in the lounge for 12 hours this holiday season, eating chips and looking at women. I can do that at home. So , for those travellers out there, have a safe flight and fly continental. I'll be in Brooklyn eating some chips in my kitchen. I might have a beer or two also. Do they have a bar at Laguardia?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

subways and halls

I was drawing this lady on the ride home last week, the lady next to me (who was coughing incessantly) asked to see the final sketch, she really liked it, I thanked her and then asked if I could draw her. This happened right about the time we pulled into Dekalb, so with only two stops to sketch her I ended up with chicken scratches and although she may have been happy to keep my drawing of her I didn’t even give her the option. I showed her and exited at Union St. , she smiled . Then as I walked away, she coughed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Girls on cell phones

A lot of girls talk on their cell phones while walking the streets and I find it really annoying. I suppose that a lot of guys do as well, but I mostly notice the women.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Napkins and chasers

I was chased by a gang of 4 thugs about 30 mins after sketching this at Long Tan bar on 5th Ave. I was also carrying 2 bottles of wine (one white, one red-shiraz I believe). Imagine the dilemma I was in, do I turn and confront them?, do I surrender?, should I throw the bottles at them?, should I throw the bottles aside? If I throw one bottle, and keep one, which one should I keep? I was leaning towards keeping the Red, and I was convinced I’d be spending the next month in the hospital, when amazingly I reached a crowded intersection and they ceased their pursuit. The only other time I ran nearly that fast was when a girl chased me out of the Cherry Tree Tavern on 4th Ave this April for drawing a tattoo of a penis on her back. (She kind of deserved it though).