Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Napkins and chasers

I was chased by a gang of 4 thugs about 30 mins after sketching this at Long Tan bar on 5th Ave. I was also carrying 2 bottles of wine (one white, one red-shiraz I believe). Imagine the dilemma I was in, do I turn and confront them?, do I surrender?, should I throw the bottles at them?, should I throw the bottles aside? If I throw one bottle, and keep one, which one should I keep? I was leaning towards keeping the Red, and I was convinced I’d be spending the next month in the hospital, when amazingly I reached a crowded intersection and they ceased their pursuit. The only other time I ran nearly that fast was when a girl chased me out of the Cherry Tree Tavern on 4th Ave this April for drawing a tattoo of a penis on her back. (She kind of deserved it though).


april said...

this one is my favorite so far. the picture and the story. for future reference, always choose the red.

Phil said...

thank you for the comment April, if you'd like the original, it's yours. I wasn't actually thinking which one I should keep, I was trying not to cry!!!

april said...

yes, yes please! i would love to have it-you're way too nice, you know? i will hav to repay you with my fabulous wing woman abilities! :)