Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prospect Park Drum Circle

On Sunday morning I decided to drag myself out of Futon and into the park. It had been a few weeks since I headed out with nothing but a sketchbook in hand and a positive attitude. After a couple of years running past the African drum circle in Prospect Park, I had finally arrived there to sketch. I filled my belly with a fish sandwich and sat down in a prime spot facing the circle. The beats of the drums kept me going, I must have drawn for at least 2 hours non stop. These are a few sketches, and with a free drumming track off of the net, it's as if you were there, well, without the fish sandwich, but I just saved you 5 dollars.


Alisa said...

Lovely sketches. Really getting some nice poses in there!

steve said...

i did the same thing at the tam tams a few years ago, i forgot all about it until i saw your sketch of the dancer.

Jess said...

I've only run by as well...I'll have to stop and check it out one of these days. One should always make time to stop and listen to the drums.