Thursday, July 30, 2009

A night on Smith Street, Bartenders on Napkins

So It's official, Z and I will be displaying some of our latest bartender drawings, on napkins, of course.
We wanted to celebrate the good times we've had over the last couple of years bar hopping and bar sketching.
We'll kick it off in a couple of weeks at the Crooked Tail Cafe in beautiful Gowanus, Brooklyn.
I'll be supplying some wine but feel free to bring whatever you like, we'll hit the canal bar afterwards.

the details:

Who: Bar Napkin artists Zartosht Soltani and Phil Lockerby
What: Bartenders on napkins from Sample, Zombie Hut, Boat, The Bell House, Canal Bar, Great Lakes,the Gate and many more.
Where: Crooked Tail Cafe, 272 3rd ave, corner president street in Brooklyn. R train to Union or F/G to smith and Carroll
When: Friday, Aug. 14th 2009 from 7-10
Why: why not? don't you like to party?