Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life Drawing at the BAG

As running laps in Prospect park is to the marathon runner, drawing from the nude model is to most artists, especially ones who work in the animation industry. Not all however. I have met a couple of extremely talented people who work in L.A. as supervising animators on blockbuster movies who can't life draw, or rather, just won't. They don't need to, they're just that good. For me, life drawing is more than just learning how to capture a mood or tell a story in as few lines as possible. For 3 hours I'm surrounded by people who are all there to draw, the energy in the room is a very positive one and most importantly no one can bother me with text messengers or phone calls. Sometimes I feel that I should draw from the model all day, every day.
Monday nights from 7-10 at the Brooklyn Artists Gym is where you'll find me, although, I'll be busy drawing.


Will said...

Awesome dude.

You should come out to Cleveland sometime

Phil said...

hells yea. I'll stop by on my way back to canada. how long are you there for?