Friday, June 12, 2009

Union Square

As I looked around the room where I sleep on my futon at night, I found that the clutter was mostly made of sketchbooks, comics, novels and dvd’s. I also noticed two pairs of shoes near my desk, but I had no idea how they got there. As I thumbed through an old sketchbook, I stared at each drawing. It’s as if they all were a portal of sorts, a gateway to a time and place, stirring up sounds, smells and emotions of a summer past.

sketchbook: Toasties Union sq- summer 2008
Post-Its: R train, Jun 10 , 09


Lovelace said...

all great sketches, yah.

Chris said...

you've gotten so good at quickly stealing the souls of the people you see

Phil said...

thanks you two, I try not to hurt people when I steal their souls but I know I do once in a while and I apologize for that.

Phil said...
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