Monday, May 11, 2009

Two girls one napkin

I shook my father's hand and at the same time unbuckled my seat belt. "Give me a call later if you need to be picked up" he told me. I wouldn't be needing a ride though, no need to wake him up at midnight. If my friends were too drunk to drive me home then I'd phone up a taxi cab. It was 8pm and I was to meet Ted and Chris at 8:30. Mike and Eric would show up later. I was early and I knew it, I desperately needed to get some bar sketching in before they all showed up. As the waitress took my beer order a drunk fat woman in her 30's to her right yelled for some napkins. "I'll have a few napkins too if you don't mind" I chipped in. She thought I was joking, there was no spill at my table.
Upon returning from the bar with some napkins to my full beer I fumbled for my pens and proceeded to sketch, except for the first time in a long time I was afraid of someone getting offended if they caught me drawing them. I played it safe and sketched some of the waitresses from the back. I would avoid drawing the men in the bar that night, and later would give all the drawings away to the respective girls.

Out with Zartosht the other night, these 2 girls didn't mind me drawing them at all, nor did the one on the left mind Z drawing a beautiful tattoo on her back.
Z picked up dinner and I took care of the cab ride home.