Friday, May 15, 2009

walking canvas party

I hate nightclubs, I always have. I'm sure there are some nice people that go to clubs and maybe that person is YOU, but if I want to dance I usually do so in the comfort of my own kitchen when no one is looking. As my friend Steve says "If you see me dancing call me a taxi right away." I'm not really one for deafening pop music, overpriced drinks and excesses of douchebaggery. I like to take in my douchebaggery in small doses, that's why I stick to bars these days WITH ONE EXCEPTION - friends of mine have been putting on these full moon party events ( and the last event was a walking canvas party at 40C on ave C. Lots of cool people and a friendly vibe made for a pleasant, albeit exhaustive evening, I don't recall taking too many brakes between 10pm and 4am. Thank you to all who let me draw on you, and for all those drinks.


Jess said...

What a fantastic idea! I love that.

Phil said...

cool. You like it. My lady friend did not, however. but it was my job, and I didn't fool around with any girls either. sheesh.