Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Barbes sketches

A few weeks ago Mick and I took a stroll up to Barbes on 6th avenue to watch some live music and sketch.

We sat on the side near the very front, and when Zee showed up he was standing with the crowd packed into the small room. Halfway through the set some crazy drunk guy shows up and of course, it was someone Zee and I had met briefly last summer. As he shouted and banged his hands on the ceiling, hugging Zee and pointing in my direction I could barely contain my laughter.

The Trombonist in the second band was well into his 60's and was rocking out. His wife was in the crowd and she took lots of pictures. Zee drew her once he got a seat with us.

A couple of very pretty ladies were dancing to our right, and of course I could not help but ignore the performers in front of me.

Barbes is a great little place to sketch and I'll definitely be back very soon.


Alisa said...

Hey Phil, lovely sketches of the band. I always find musical instruments difficult to draw. Great gestures on the ladies too.

Phil said...

thanks Alisa! Musical instruments are challenging. I didn't even notice until the end that there was a piano player there the whole time.!