Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Failed Prank attempt #1

I have a lot of fun working at Flickerlab here in NY. Even if some of the projects are not the most challenging in terms of pushing my animation limits, I always try to find a way to expand my artistic abilities. For instance, I could be working on educational flash animation that is quite boring and laborious, I could come into work and bitch and complain, bring the energy level down to those people I work with, or.... I could use the opportunity to work on my organizational and people skills, especially when put in the role of supervisor for certain projects.
Such isn't the case right now. We are currently wrapping up on a cool little animated sequence for an Australian documentary, all about living and eating healthy, which can seem a little ironic when some of us may show up the occasional day a bit hungover and grab a burger and fries for lunch, not to mention all those smoke breaks.
Nonetheless, I still think it's fun to play a friendly little prank once in a while, or once a week depending on the stress level. This is our best attempt thus far, what I'd really like to see is someone freak out or scream like a girl only to find a little package of crackers floating above their heads.