Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art Gallery Bar

It's not often someone hands me a pen and asks me to draw on the wall of their establishment. I usually do it incognito, inebriated in the bathroom stall.
This time it was on a large sheet of paper at the Art Gallery bar in the LES at a full moon party event. I had fun, I must say, but I much prefer to draw alone.


kedsarecool said...

looks cool! i forgot to check in a for a bit and the site has totally changed! i like it- much brighter. hope your next prank is better- because those last two failed miserably.

Will said...

That's pretty cool. Random, impromptu drawing. Awesome.

Clara said...

Thanks for drawing my back at Revival last night. You had disappeared by the time we got back from dessert. The only sign left was your post-its stuck to the wall.

Phil said...

thanks Kedsarecool, yeah, I needed to change the template badly, still have a bit of work to do- check out the successful prank from today.
Thanks Will- I'll post more pics from that night if I ever get them,
Clara- no prob, thank YOU for the beer- I'll see you around Revival for sure.