Thursday, March 29, 2007

Draw-a-thon and Union Sq. Park

Hey Chris, what's going on? anyways, nice prank you pulled on me this morning. It was way more clever and funnier than taping Simon's cel Phone to the cieling the other day! yeah, so what else can I really say but I'm thrilled that spring has finally arrived in NYC and we can finally go out and sketch on our lunchbreaks. I attended my first ever Draw a thon on Saturday, no better way to cure a hangover than draw for four hours straight and have some punk rock band from New Jersey blast away on their instruments behind me while i tried to tell stories with ink and pencil. It was fun, but I could have done without the punk rock, or whatever it was. Hey, I'll definetely be at the next one. Just a couple of sketches from that day, got more but It's one thirty am , and I should really get home. or should I just sleep at the studio.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Eric Merola

This is Eric. I don't have a nickname for Eric just yet, you see, it's been tough to hang out with one another because our schedules just don't jive. We sit near each other, so I didn't have to really move around to sketch this gesture of him working (or typing an email). The last time we hung out we both woke up with terrible hangovers (in our respective apartments), but that was NOVEMBER! We saw Borat, and drank beers and some Irish Cider (yuk) and...well, neither one of us really remember what happened next, although there was quite a mess in my kitchen the next morning, lucky we don't have mice.
I'm going to add his website to the links , as well as Brian Cox's . They're both really talented artists and great guys to work with.
I'm supposed to hang with Eric in the next couple of weeks, but we might have to wait until payday, say, April 1st?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

For Bryan

Some people need to change their attitudes around here. Brian sitting next to me can be so damn negative, and Brian this is for you. No, you don't have to always smile and be in a good mood, but your low energy is dragging me down. Or is it the fact that I've been partying for 6 days straight? No, It's all Brian's fault. Yawn. Oh, and I got the chance to meet Stephen Colbert today, more on that later. PEACE!

Friday, March 02, 2007

subway study for short film -01

It's been a while since I posted anything, but It dosen't mean I haven't been sketching away. I received the Steve Silver Sketchbook as a gift from a friend as a thankyou for helping out on a music video, and it's just so inspiring to flip through the pages. Maybe one day I'll be an inspiration to someone :), until then , back to drawing.
This, on the Wacom tablet, for my upcoming short (for real) titled "My weekend in 30 seconds or less"