Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Eric Merola

This is Eric. I don't have a nickname for Eric just yet, you see, it's been tough to hang out with one another because our schedules just don't jive. We sit near each other, so I didn't have to really move around to sketch this gesture of him working (or typing an email). The last time we hung out we both woke up with terrible hangovers (in our respective apartments), but that was like.....in NOVEMBER! We saw Borat, and drank beers and some Irish Cider (yuk) and...well, neither one of us really remember what happened next, although there was quite a mess in my kitchen the next morning, lucky we don't have mice.
I'm going to add his website to the links , as well as Brian Cox's . They're both really talented artists and great guys to work with.
I'm supposed to hang with Eric in the next couple of weeks, but we might have to wait until payday, say, April 1st?