Thursday, March 29, 2007

Draw-a-thon and Union Sq. Park

Hey Chris, what's going on? anyways, nice prank you pulled on me this morning. It was way more clever and funnier than taping Simon's cel Phone to the cieling the other day! yeah, so what else can I really say but I'm thrilled that spring has finally arrived in NYC and we can finally go out and sketch on our lunchbreaks. I attended my first ever Draw a thon on Saturday, no better way to cure a hangover than draw for four hours straight and have some punk rock band from New Jersey blast away on their instruments behind me while i tried to tell stories with ink and pencil. It was fun, but I could have done without the punk rock, or whatever it was. Hey, I'll definetely be at the next one. Just a couple of sketches from that day, got more but It's one thirty am , and I should really get home. or should I just sleep at the studio.


Chris said...

just working on AHA, thanks for asking!

And thanks for the help at work! Listen up, kids, Phil is the best friend you can have if you are behind schedule and working late.

And thanks for calling Tina!

steve said...

nice stuff, wish I was there

Mariah said...

Good post.