Friday, March 02, 2007

subway study for short film -01

It's been a while since I posted anything, but It dosen't mean I haven't been sketching away. I received the Steve Silver Sketchbook as a gift from a friend as a thankyou for helping out on a music video, and it's just so inspiring to flip through the pages. Maybe one day I'll be an inspiration to someone :), until then , back to drawing.
This, on the Wacom tablet, for my upcoming short (for real) titled "My weekend in 30 seconds or less"


Jesse said...

AH! your middle initial is J. did you get called PJ when you were little. i bet you did. cute.

Phil said...

actually, no, I didn't. and I keep meaning to introduce myself as PJ to anyone new that I meet but I keep forgetting to do that!

Chris said...

Let's see some storyboards and styleframes, PJ!!!!
Bring on the short film!!! Less drinking, more drawing!

just kidding...keep drawing on napkins!