Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ali J.'s Birthday Party

2 rules I live by, there's about 12, but I'll mention only the 2 relevant to this post, well, 1 really but I digress.
Rule 6. Never lie to your parents
Rule 2. Never let the birthday boy/girl pay for any drinks on their birthday.
This napkin sketch, keep in mind was done very quickly, in a lounge on the Lower East Side, called LAVA GINA, i kid you not.
It was dimly lit, and I was well on my way to being lit dimly.
Happy Birthday to Ali J.
(more to come from this night...I found someone had drawn me and it looks rad.)

Friday, January 19, 2007


someone had mentionned to me that I may have been a little harsh on that last posting of the girls butt, and maybe written some things that I shouldn't have, and I agree.
So in the future, I'll draw the whole figure, and maybe spend an extra minute or two on the butt for good measure., and to not be sexist draw men as well, but no guarantees on rendering a man's behind so delicately.
Today I digged up a happier image, one from a few years ago in fact, I want to re visit this character and come up with a story, I think we need to teach the kids these days about recycling and perhaps this is the lizard that will.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Coffee stand

On the cintiq tablet this morning. Sometimes you just have to draw something other than a monster and an 8 year old girl.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Friends of Mine_02

Friends. yes, living far from home, friends become family, and what better than a family dinner at a local chinese food restaurant in Fort Greene. What better , you ask? I'll tell you , how 'bout walking 10 feet past the Pearl of China and into a bar that serves 1 dollar PBR's (that's Pabst Blue Ribbon). I don't remember waking up recently after a night out and actually finding money in my wallet, or stuck to my back for that matter but this morning I had a crisp 20 and man, I can't wait to spend that today on lunch.
As promised, more true Napkin Drawings, with everyone contributing this time around. For those that don't know my family in Brooklyn, There's Todd T., Kristin V. and Kristin C., Vanessa and Clayton, or as we christened him last night, Cassius Clay. Todd's nickname is Black Irish, and I'm Pictshuz for those keeping track.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Where's Omar.

Where's Omar, one might ask. Well, yesterday afternoon I found the elusive Ecuadorian on the East Side, watching some football game with a bunch of Drunk College kids. I love this guy, I mean, he's got balls. He walks up to this girl I had been drawing (cause, who really wants to draw dudes???), and he hands her the page of my sketchbook, and says that He drew this for her, she seemed really embarrassed because , after all it wasn't a drawing of her face or anything like that, it was a drawing of her butt. Her friends really liked it and thought it was a good representation of this girl's ass, meanwhile, Marc and I were just smiling from the sidelines, when they asked Omar if he could draw their behinds as well......I don't know how he responded to that.
Now these are a couple of quick sketches I did afterwards, she was standing right in front of us for what seemed like forever, until her douchebag boyfriend showed up, (Marc's words, not mine). She should be proud of an Ass like this, Her posture could improve though, she was standing like a goose or a duck.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

subways and bars

A couple of quick sketches, one of Jill, who Eric Merola and I met at Murphy's Irish pub about a month ago after seeing BORAT. Not sure it quite looks like her, but in all fairness to the artist, was being fed a nonstop stream of cider and beer on an empty stomach, at least managed to jot down a few lines. Apparently she lost the sketch I gave to this is all I have to show. (and I just found this cleaning up my desk at work...sorry!)
This other one of a gentleman on the subway the other evening. I didn't actually look at his face while I drew him , more like I drew what struck me about him when I glanced over the first time, then tried to sketch in his coat a little more realistically.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


a little exploration.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Airport sketches

Waiting around for a flight to New Orleans back in Nov. Airports are great for sketching. Over the holidays I was stuck in Toronto for 10 hours but didn't mind because I just sketched, and maybe took a nap or two.
ok....I had a beer as well.