Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Friends of Mine_02

Friends. yes, living far from home, friends become family, and what better than a family dinner at a local chinese food restaurant in Fort Greene. What better , you ask? I'll tell you , how 'bout walking 10 feet past the Pearl of China and into a bar that serves 1 dollar PBR's (that's Pabst Blue Ribbon). I don't remember waking up recently after a night out and actually finding money in my wallet, or stuck to my back for that matter but this morning I had a crisp 20 and man, I can't wait to spend that today on lunch.
As promised, more true Napkin Drawings, with everyone contributing this time around. For those that don't know my family in Brooklyn, There's Todd T., Kristin V. and Kristin C., Vanessa and Clayton, or as we christened him last night, Cassius Clay. Todd's nickname is Black Irish, and I'm Pictshuz for those keeping track.

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J.Webber said...

Love the one of K.C and Black Irish