Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ali J.'s Birthday Party

2 rules I live by, there's about 12, but I'll mention only the 2 relevant to this post, well, 1 really but I digress.
Rule 6. Never lie to your parents
Rule 2. Never let the birthday boy/girl pay for any drinks on their birthday.
This napkin sketch, keep in mind was done very quickly, in a lounge on the Lower East Side, called LAVA GINA, i kid you not.
It was dimly lit, and I was well on my way to being lit dimly.
Happy Birthday to Ali J.
(more to come from this night...I found someone had drawn me and it looks rad.)


steve said...

the best yet.

dany boom said...

hey ! i added a deal life napkin drawing to my blog in tribute to you, pal !

go have a look.


ps. new tragically hip record their best since fully completely. pick it up, youll dig it im sure.

Florian Fiebig said...

hi phil
i love this sketch!
it's good to know your doing well
if you come to MTL for a visit, let me know