Friday, January 19, 2007


someone had mentionned to me that I may have been a little harsh on that last posting of the girls butt, and maybe written some things that I shouldn't have, and I agree.
So in the future, I'll draw the whole figure, and maybe spend an extra minute or two on the butt for good measure., and to not be sexist draw men as well, but no guarantees on rendering a man's behind so delicately.
Today I digged up a happier image, one from a few years ago in fact, I want to re visit this character and come up with a story, I think we need to teach the kids these days about recycling and perhaps this is the lizard that will.


steve said...

loved the butt, what's wrong with sexy?..oh sexist, ya ok the lizard is cool too, I remember it from a while ago.

Chris said...

that lizard is looking at a girl's butt...clearly!

Lisa said...

I'm visiting your site for the first time and really enjoying it. So I just read the butt post, and I thought it was funny, not degrading or anything you should feel bad about. I could see her posture and motion in your sketches. And I imagine she was quite flattered.