Thursday, November 05, 2009

tea lounge sketches

I think that the New York Yankees won tonight, however, I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of the front page as I walk past a newspaper stand tomorrow.
Earlier this evening I was at the Tea lounge-one of my favorite haunts. As the Jazz band blared away I sat with my back to them. Directly in front of me was a fellow whose gaze never left his computer screen. To his right a girl just as pre occupied- except she had a smile on her face.
To my right sat two pretty girls, chit chatting away quietly. Just beyond them sat a guy who seemed to be solving a cross word puzzle, or weighing the pros and cons of living with his girlfriend, or both.
A while after that a man stood with his coat draped over his arm, he must have been waiting for his date- what a gentleman!
I left shortly after they walked out arm in arm.
As I strolled down towards 5th avenue to grab some dinner, I could already hear the howls of the Yankees fans.

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