Monday, November 30, 2009

Post its from breakfast Saturday

Keeping a pad of post it notes in my back pocket is something I picked up from my good friend Sean. In Brooklyn he’s known as Canadian Sean, not to be confused with Sean McBride- American Sean. What’s great about post its or napkins is that you don’t feel the pressure to draw when you’re not in the mood, unlike always lugging around a bulky sketchbook crying for you to draw in it- like a spoiled fat kid, begging his mother for more ice cream.
No disrespect to the sketchbook though- I just cleaned up my closet and must have stacked a few dozen from the last 3 years. Looking around my apartment floor now I see piles of yellow rectangles, and a whole lot of them crumpled up as well, and I wonder where all of them will end up, if not in a shoebox on the corner of Carroll and 3rd avenue next to the trash bins.


Alisa said...

What a great expression on the guy in the upper left corner! This post reminded me of the guy who draws on the backs of business cards for similar reasons:

kedsarecool said...

Yep, I agree with Alisa, the dude in the corner has a super great expression. All the drawings are so cartooney, almost 101 dalmations like. good work.

Phil said...

thanks both of you. Alisa- that link is great. although on his website that list of things mentions that we're all given crayons in kindergarden. what about really poor kids? not too sure if they got those. Kedsarecool- your drawing should arrive in a couple of weeks!