Friday, September 11, 2009

thoughts on drawing

As we draw from life, our eyes glance at the subject and then bolt down to face the empty sketchpad and as this process repeats itself over and over, the drawing is sculpted.

As our hand anxiously waits its turn, it wavers with excitement, or hesitation, or both.
And then, most often than not, upon returning our gaze to the subject they have moved!
It is then we realize that nothing stays still- even statues erode over time.

As we record these stories in pencil or ink, we are not limited to our subject but rather to our imagination, since each and every drawing is from our memory.

This dude was dancing up a storm, earlier this summer at this outdoor dance party near my place. I didn't draw much at this weekly sunday afternoon event after this day though, rather, I joined in and danced.


Alisa said...

Great gestures Phil! I'd love to see these timed out into a napkin dance sequence.

Phil said...

oh- good idea, and thanks.- will do something of the sort.

Anonymous said...

YOU dance?!

Phil said...

it's not pretty.