Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years

It's been an interesting year. A really strange year to say the least, and I'm sure the 7 or 8 people who check up on my blog would nod their heads in agreement, then take a sip from their wine goblet or pint glass. This is because I'm imagining us all sitting around the corner of Canal Bar, eating popcorn, and having a few laughs. Then I picture myself slowly retreating from the conversation, my left hand searching for my brush pen as my right hand ushers in the next batch of napkins. As I would begin to sketch out some imaginary visage, I may add to the conversation, or simply, nod my head in agreement, take the last sip of my Brooklyn Lager, and quietly back away from my bar stool, into the cold Gowanus midnight.


Lovelace said...

Very cool style, Phil- all your own.
Have a fabulous & original '09!

justin said...

hey brother,
thanks man. I'm liking all the paintings here. very cool. I guess you never made it out here for the holidays?

Will said...

Totally dig the 2nd picture man.

Phil said...

thanks Douglas, Justin, with Visa in hand I'll be seeing you soon, Will, thanks a lot! It's my fav. as well, I added red to the bg, I hope I didn't ruin it. I'll post up some more paintings in a couple of weeks!

Anne said...

Hi Phil,
Man that last sentence is killer. Anyway, I looked at your blog! All these napkins are beautiful. Very cool...