Friday, September 05, 2008

Revival Sketches

I was late for work the other day. It all stemmed from the night before, where Zartosht and I agreed to go for 'one beer' after work. There we were, at Revival, just minding our own business. There were these two girls sitting across the way that were, in fact, a little too loud, just a touch. Enough that is distracted us from our conversation. We made mention of this to them and one thing led to another. Before we knew it we were eating the food we had ordered with them, downing shots of Tequila and enjoying round after round. Somewhere along the way I sketched all of them, Tatiana, Julia, Ana and Ma Jo. Well, it's friday and, I'm going for a beer with Zartosht.


Tatiana said...

Hey hey Thanks so much for the sketches, It was amazing to meet you guys I hope we meet again soon.

Julia said...

hi from madrid, where Majo and I are reunited in our apartment! what a great night, except for the pissy bartender;)

Phil said...

no problemo! yeah, well, maybe we should not have been smoking cigarettes inside the bar. I think he's forgotten already, I've been back twice since.
maybe we'll see you again!