Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Canal Bar Napkins

So amidst the move of Flickerlab to it's new digs over on 19th and Broadway, I managed to smuggle the scanner and set it up next to me, thus, more postings. I dropped by Canal bar yesterday eve, with the intention of paying my $25 entry fee for their Superbowl pool and having A beer. Five beers later and after a nice chat with Andy, Melissa and a few others I decided to call it a night. There are a slew of Napkin drawings that you'll never see because I gave them all away, except for this one...... I'm glad everyone was so pleased with my sketches, and thanks for the beer guys!


steve said...

nice work, as always. i can see your stuff (drawing random people on napkins) getting stronger and stronger as the blog progresses. think how cool it'll be to look back on ten years of it.

Phil said...

thanks Steve , I can't stress enough how just going out there and drawing or painting every day improves one's skills. Never mind this back and forth of theory and the popular. Let's just draw and explore , we will carve our own paths.