Monday, November 13, 2006

Lazy Saturday afternoon in Central Park


We've been blessed with some great weather recently, and I took advantage of it this Saturday aft. to take a stroll in the park, checking out all the characters along the way. This guy seemed kinda lonely, he stayed in this pose for a while, which is rare for anyone to do. I wonder what he was thinking. I sketched the young man sleeping on the subway Sunday morning on my way to soccer. On my way home from Soccer I was just as sleepy as him, and missed my stop. I woke up on 77th street near Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I live near 1 st.


justin said...

nice sketches. even though it's a backshot, you feel him thinking. Good to see you carrying the pocket sketchbook around...
like the old Montreal days. I gotta come back to NYC and do some sketching too.
I posted something for you on mine.

steve said...

I love the sleeping figure