Thursday, January 28, 2010

Napkins from the St. Elizabeth

after another great life drawing session - (by great I mean the model was great, the sketches can always be better) we headed to the bar for a well deserved 3 beers and sketched on some napkins.


kedsarecool said...

I'm glad you are regularly drawing guys now too! I especially like the bottom two, esp. the girl with the wine glass.
p.s.- send whatever is easiest for you. and thank you again :-)
p.s.s.- I'm starting a month long graphic arts/cartooning class next month (amazingly it is a requirement at my medical school). go figure.

Kaylah said...

Hey I really Like your Napkin drawing's they are very interesting and certain ones have emotion to them.
I also draw, check it out it would be nice!!