Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bryan, Lauren and Zartosht

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night's opening of "A night on Smith street"
and I'm happy to be showing my work along with these 3 very talented artists, Bryan Cox, Lauren Gardner and Zartosht Soltani. If you're in the Gowanus area tomorrow evening, stop on by the Crooked Tail Cafe to check out some nice bar sketches and polaroid photos.

In 1999 Zartosht Soltani graduated from the Fine Arts program at Azad University of Arts in Tehran.
One year later he moved to New York, where he is now working as a freelance art director and designer creating cartoons, commercials and broadcast design. He has exhibited paintings in Tehran,
And will be a part of the upcoming Too Art for TV show in September.

Bryan Cox works as a freelance animation artist and designer in New York City. Over the course of the past year, Bryan has re-ignited an old compulsion to sketch on location. This is due, in no small part, to falling in with the other kindred spirits represented at this exhibition.
A large selection of the artist’s other sketches can be viewed on Facebook. His animation work can be seen at

Day slave to a technology career, Lauren Gardner rebels in analog photography. Embracing the imperfect nature of
Celluloid and chemicals, her photos focus on emotions and moments. She is currently working on a NYC Polaroid emulsion lift project and friend-wide facebook profile picture domination.
Her work can be found at


Max said...

Looking forward to the show. The new drawings are terrific.

Phil said...

thanks Max! awesome if you can make it.

kedsarecool said...

good luck for the show! i'll be there in spirit!

Anonymous said...

hey phil

just found your blog via the brooklyn eagle's article about your show. love your work, i'll stop by the crooked tail soon.

Phil said...

thanks Kedsarecool, someone (or something) kept knocking off one of the polaroids from the brick wall where it was was sort of spooky. right on, anon...the work will be up for a month or so, cheers!