Friday, November 07, 2008

Sketching in Gowanus

I'm fascinated by water towers. I don't recall ever seeing any growing up on the West Coast, nor when I was living in Montreal. Before I moved here I had a few dreams of strange buildings adorned with water towers and helicopters flying high above, which seemed odd at the time because I'd never see that many helicopters where I was living, until I moved here, and anyone who lives in Brooklyn or Manhattan probably never notices them anymore since it is such a common occurrence to see a police helicopter fly overhead. Maybe I'm just trying to say simply : follow your dreams, write them down, paint them, draw them, whatever..... just be true to yourself.
These two towers are just around the corner from my place on 3rd Avenue, I am totally infatuated by the one on the top, since I pass it everyday to and from work, no matter how bad the weather is, how much rain, ice or frost it has to endure, it is still standing strong. I aspire to be like that water tower.


Monica S said...

As a child I used to look up and notice the water towers which seemed to be everywhere. Now I can't recall the last time I looked up and saw one. Thanks for reviving a forgotten memory!

Lovelace said...

These observational sketches got real soul. No shit. They are invested.