Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Open Mic night at The Root Hill cafe

I have to say, I really enjoy living in this neighbourhood, Gowanus, Brooklyn.
After a weekend full of walking around the Gowanus Art studios it has reaffirmed my love for this area. My favorite place is still Canal Bar. It has always been a safe haven for me to get away from all the noise and B.S. that is inherit in any big city, especially Manhattan. That said, Brooklyn isn’t by any means perfect. It smells, it’s not THAT safe ( I witnessed a mugging on my street early this year- apparently the dude had a gun with a silencer, I inadvertently scared him away by walking towards what I thought was a domestic dispute.) But that aside, and amidst the random gunshots, it’s all good.
Recently this new coffee shop opened up on the corner of 4th ave and Carroll Street.
It’s named The Root Hill Café and I’m sure that I’ll be hanging out there a lot more since my new schedule has me freed up to work on some personal ideas in between Tek Jansen.
They Have an open Mic night every Monday which I encourage people to check out. Hopefully I’ll have something to show in a few weeks, until then, I leave you with these sketches this past Monday….

The singer/guitarist played a song by bright eyes, it was very nice.
The comedian seemed like a funny person, but didn’t make me laugh.
The host is a riot, he has a voice like Tom Waits.
Mick was there performing with his band, he’s warming up his Didgeridoo in this sketch.


Hey, Sean McBride said...

nice! i like that place too.

btw--saw your iraq animation got onto channel frederator. congrats!!

Monica S said...

I really like your drawings and am looking forward to your next post.

Monica a/k/a Canal Bar June

P.S. - How can I reach you?

Phil said...

sean, thanks for letting me know ! No one
else told me about that. You know we also
won an award in Spain for that frangelico ad
but I found out by chance through peter on the
street ! Anyways - good luck finishing your tmbg

Phil said...

Hi monica, I'm really glad you enjoy my
posts and drawing, you can reach me at

Jej said...

Great drawings Phil!! Spent a night drawing on napkins at restaurant last wednesday:was awesome! Hope to see u soon!

Jej said...

PS:what's that iraq animation Sean's talking about?!!!

Jej said...

PS2: now I saw the Irak animation!! Wonderfull Phil!!

Phil said...

Merci Jej!
les napkins sont pour dessiner!

可可 said...