Friday, July 04, 2008

Napkin Drawings by popular request

Drawing in my local bar, Canal Bar, is one of my favorite pastimes. Always a steady flow of new and old faces to practice the art of caricature, which is something I would really like to get good at one day. The pool table provides some new gestures to draw from, but as challenging enough as it is to draw from a still life, I much prefer a person to sit as still as possible when I’m trying to capture their essence onto the napkin. The drink helps a lot too, a couple of Brooklyn lagers, some popcorn for sustenance, some elbow space and a stack of cocktail napkins. I’ll supply the pens and markers. Cheers!
note: most of these were done at Bar Great Harry on smith st.

1 comment:

Lovelace said...

Love that little girl in the corner. I get tipsy just looking at these.