Thursday, May 08, 2008

girls on cel phones

Dear hot girl on cel phone,
please look where you are going because I'm not going to warn you of the open grate in the sidewalk ahead. In fact, I kind of hope you fall into it, then, you might stop yapping away about your personal life outside while you clumsily bump into the people. Don't you have an apartment or dorm room? Why don't you talk in there.
Yours Truly,


Lovelace said...

I dig her, she's hot. I have the legs on my drive.

Piama said...

i ate her for dinner last night. burrrrrrp. oh wait, you saw what i ate for dinner. yes. chicken-fried-cellphone-chick. paint her with aquarelle on a handi-wipe for me thanks.
couldn't figure out how to mail you directly, no patience for such things. so here: