Thursday, September 27, 2007

Quite the Adventure

These are just a couple of designs I worked on for the latest Tek piece. The first version of Tek wasn't spacey enough, I agree.
The girl is Tek's gf, Jana, who used to be named Ginny. The Colbert peeps were/are alot of fun to work with, not too picky at all, they let us worry about the art, while they worried about the story. Man, I wish I could have my summer back , I'd trade a couple of Tek season 2 deleted sequences for a weekend off in July.
If you see it on Youtubes or something let me know how we could improve. Simon Ampel did a smack up job on desinging the other half of the characters, my fav. being the dying agent (voiced by Jon Stewart). We all did a bit of everything, Bryan Cox did some nice bg's of the assembly , and Max Porter had designed the bg's for the pitch we did to get the job in the first place, plus a few other bg's in this episode. Anyways, we're waiting for the second script, I don't really like fall, so I won't be missing much.