Thursday, April 12, 2007

Phone Sketches

I was catching up with Justin last night, we spoke for at least an hour, then I looked down and realized I had been doodling the whole time, and these are some of the results. They both started with just one eye, and evolved into something completely surreal. The subway scene I put a bit of thought into, starting with the kid in the middle, then smudging it , realizing he was wizzing by in a train, then adding in the rest. not as exquisite as my shot in the Tripplettes of the train slowing down matrix style with all the char's just sitting there. I realized a couple of years later that I had no idea how to properly clean up and inbetween, (it took me far longer than it should have, but Sylvain was too crazy running around to notice)......only after my friend Mario Carmel at Pascal Blais showed me, (2-3 years into my carreer as an animator). Then I thought it'd be a good idea to work on Sinbad as a clean up/ IB artist for a couple of months to really say I knew how.
what was this post about again? oh yeah, I was just chatting with Justin, and this is what I drew.
Free drink of whoever can tell me which train they're riding.


Alina Chau said...

COOOL drawings!

the clownninja said...

the bottom one is awesome. Yer gonna have to teach me how to clean up and inbetween properly one of these days phil.

Chris said...

1-9 train!!! haha! now gimme that drink. i would also like to learn how to in-between.

an enterprising man like yourself could get some free work done on your short film by telling us it was an "inbetweening class".

Anonymous said...

Well the N is across the platform so I'm gonna assume the R train.

Anonymous said...

Ah NO! My eyes playing tricks on me.
It IS the N train.
That's a reflection of the sign in the window.

Phil said...

should have stuck with your gut instinct, is the R train, although it could be a reflection as well, judging by how loose the sketch is, so anonymous wins the free drink. Sorry chris!
But if anonymous defaults on his/her free drink it's yours.

Phil said...
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jen may said...

Yeah! Free drink!

Give to Sean or Chris please.

Or...who ever gets to you first.


Phil said...

alright, Chris wins.
1-9? where'd you get that from?

Anonymous said...