Wednesday, February 07, 2007


On monday I went to the Rangers game with Omar. This is not a drawing of Omar, however. It's of some guy I don't know, maybe had I been sitting closer to him I would have said hello. I did make some new friends however. Leslie the barkeep and Mick the owner of the Bar. Nice little place, right around the corner from my apartment.


vcdsgfd said...

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Chris said...

Hi Phil,

Much like the other comment from vcdsgfd, my comment has nothing to do with the canal bar.
I have a friend that I have known for many years. When I met him, I looked up to him as the best artist I knew...
He is employed at a studio in new york, famous for cutting corners and now I can see it in his personal work too. He has become so lazy that his art is really suffering. I am having trouble telling him how much he sucks now. What should I do?

also, why dont girls like me?

nervous in new york

Phil said...

Chris, first off, thanks for being my number 3 fan on my blog, vcdsgfd, being my number 4 fan.
Secondly, your friend must not have a mirror installed in his appartment. (maybe he lives in Staten Island??)
When you look yourself in the mirror Chris, can you honestly tell yourself that you are doing the very best work, pushing yourself by sharing your work with others and getting constructive critisism? Your Friend is like many others in this industry, and sometimes I feel myself falling into this category, but then I quickly snap out of it and run out to the park and sketch, or change jobs, or take a simple job and approach it differently and bring something special to even the most mundane tasks. Take more work than you can handle , freelance for friends for little or no money, and when YOU have your personal film that needs help, they'll be there for you. wow, I think I'm rambling now.
Thirdly, GIRLS DIG YOU , Chris
and lastly, tell your friend he should start a blog if he hasn't already, it's a great motivator to constantly draw., and the best and most succesful artists(you don't have to be great to be a success) are the ones that are constantly drawing, designing, whatever.

Chris said...

thanks, dad! Would you take me out african tribal style?