Thursday, October 12, 2006

Napkin drawing 2-3

So I was looking at my account balance today online, and it gets me everytime....what the Heck is this $42 charge from the 7th of October from the Grand Saloon Pub? and then it all came back to me, I was with Todd and Omar, Omar had just announced to us he quit his job (good for you), so I ordered a round of Patron, and some Yuenglings to chase them down. I might have been generous on the Tip though. oh well, these two young ladies were very nice, and they let me draw them, so , keeping with the theme of my blog, finally, drawings on Napkins. Todd had his camera phone and took these pics.


steve said...

cool. are you coming up soon? my birthday was last month, but there's always halloween.

Jack Varner said...

Todd is f'n cool!!

Cap College Lifer said...
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